Discover and explore the amazing array of inner selves that inhabit your being. John and Michael offer small group workshops in a comfortable and private environment.

Introduction to Voice Dialogue parts I, II & III

What is Voice Dialogue? Where did it come from? What is the “Psychology of Selves”? What are “Primary” and “Disowned” selves? What is the “Aware Ego Process”? How can Voice Dialogue help you deal effectively with life’s problems – relationship issues, decision-making, stress management, conflict resolution? more >>

Building Healthy Relationships

Has the spark gone out of your relationship? Do you feel stuck? Do you find yourself getting into the same arguments again and again? Are you looking for new ways to relate to each other? more >>

Working with Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? If so, do they seem strange, incomprehensible and even frightening at times? Are they just bizarre and meaningless imaginings of your sleeping mind? Or are there important messages for you contained within them? more >>

Meet Your Inner Critic

Are you aware of your Inner Critic? If so, what has it been telling you about yourself lately? How do you feel about what it says to you? Why do you have such an inner voice criticizing you? more >>

Online Program

Would you like to learn about the basic elements of Voice Dialogue from the convenience and comfort of your own home? more >>


The Benefits

  • Deepen connections with family and friends

  • Express yourselves more freely in intimate relationships

  • Break repetitive patterns of self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Reduce stress by taking care of underlying vulnerabilities

  • Access hidden resources of energy and creativit

  • Respond more sensitively to your body’s needs

  • Befriend you inner critic and enhance self-esteem

  • Handle change in life without being knocked off balance

  • Get the most out of life by knowing your “selves” better