Voice Dialogue and Consciousness

Dr Sidra Stone on overcoming conflict, improving intimacy and creating healthy relationships



Voice Dialogue and "psycho-education"

Martin Pollecoff, current Chair of the UKCP, talks to John Kent about his work as a psychotherapist and how he uses Voice Dialogue as tool to help clients stay in balance in a changing world. He describes dreams as the "art form of the unconscious". | View

Voice Dialogue and the Neurobiology of the Brain

Dr John Dougherty, Assistant Professor of Medicine (neurology) at the University of Tennessee, talks to John Kent about his research and the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process. | View

Voice Dialogue and Intuitive Reading

Christina Cross talks to John Kent about her life's work with the healing arts and how Voice Dialogue has become a very valuable tool in working with clients. | View

Voice Dialogue, Social Change and the Massage Industry

David Palmer, the creator and developer of chair massage, talks to John Kent about his work and how Voice Dialogue has become an integral part of his chair massage workshops. | View


Voice Dialogue Onstage:  Part 1

In September 2011 The Improbable Theatre invited John to work with them for a week using Voice Dialogue.  The project was called The Still.  At the end of the week there were two improvised performances during which John facilitated members of the troup on stage. This first session is with Matilda and we meet two of her selves:  Girl and Mach Hilda. She was pregnant at the time so also present is her now born baby, Ridley! | View


Voice Dialogue Onstage:  Part 2

In the second facilitation John works with Phelim, Director, Improviser and writer at The Improbable Theatre. We meet two contrasting selves: Percival and Mr Not-Quite-Listened-To. | View