Private Sessions

The premise in Voice Dialogue is that each of us is made up of many different selves or parts. These selves are like an inner family or an inner cast of characters.

In a Voice Dialogue session, the facilitator will dialogue with some of your different selves in order to help you fully experience them.

Having a unique experience of individual selves will help you to understand how their needs, fears and concerns impact your everyday life, and enable you to discover the gift that each of them brings you.

In so doing, you develop the ability to separate from and sit between selves that may have opposing points of view. From this place life choices become more conscious.

What happens in a session

A session begins with a conversation about the issue or topic that you wish to explore and identify some of the selves that are involved.

The initial dialogue is with the part of you that is responsible for keeping you safe and secure. Your facilitator will ask for permission to do the work, and for any rules that it may have for the session. These rules will always be honoured. Each session unfolds at your own pace. A typical session might involve two or three different selves.

It is important to understand that Voice Dialogue is not a technique for getting rid of any part of us. Rather, it’s an inclusive process that helps you to embrace and respect all the many selves that exist inside us without making any of them wrong.


The fee for an individual 90-minute session is £125.

After the initial session, if you'd like to pay in advance for a further 5 sessions there is a discounted rate of £500. Please note that all 5 sessions must take place within 6 months.

There are a few reduced fee spaces available, so please let us know if you are not able to afford the full fee.

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How it works

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