Introduction to Voice Dialogue

Part III: The Choice Point

How might it be to stand between your many selves and be able to listen objectively to their conflicting voices? We will look at a new, inclusive model of consciousness and explore ‘The Choice Point’ - a place in the middle where we can embrace opposing selves and have real choice. We will look at what typically destabilizes us and why, and learn how to stand between our many selves and discover a place of balance and authority from which to make more considered choices in all areas of life.

Our unconscious is relentless in its wish for us to be emotionally and physically in balance. Working with dreams, fantasies and physical symptoms, we will examine the different ways the unconscious “knocks on our door” and find out how to access and interpret the messages it sends.

The third workshop in this series will include:

  • Why we become polarised and knocked off balance
  • The three aspects of consciousness
  • The benefits of an “Aware Ego Process”
  • How to balance power and vulnerability
  • The role of energetics
  • Practical exercises
  • Video extracts
  • Exercises to do at home to help maintain balance in all areas of our lives

This workshop takes place over two days, from 10am – 5pm each day. Maximum group size 6.

Rate for 2021, £300 per person - including course materials.

The Benefits

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Access a constant source of inner wisdom

  • Maintain equilibrium in the face of life’s challenges

  • Achieve inner peace and calm

  • Respond more sensitively to your body’s needs

"Embracing Our Selves"

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