Introduction to Voice Dialogue

Part II: Selves in Action

In this workshop we will look at the practical application of Voice Dialogue and the psychology of selves in our everyday lives - particularly in the area of relationships. We will introduce a relationship model that explains the roots of conflict and how to break recurring patterns of behaviour. Redefining relationship as teacher, healer and guide, we will discover how to create loving ‘no fault’ relationships in which we can communicate our needs, hopes and fears in a more open and honest way.

We will also see how an awareness of our selves can empower us in the areas of decision-making, stress management and creativity.

This workshop will build on the learnings from Part I and include:

  • The dance of selves in relationships
  • Positive and negative bonding patterns
  • The three aspects of conflict
  • How to take care of our vulnerability
  • Communicating our needs clearly
  • Practical exercises
  • Video extracts
  • Exercises to do with our partner to maintain a vibrant relationship

This workshop takes place over two days, from 10am – 5pm each day. Maximum group size 6.

Rate for 2021, £300 per person - including course materials.

The Benefits

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Express yourself more freely in your intimate relationship

  • Resolve conflict and disagreement quickly

  • Deepen connection with family and friends

  • Manage stress and change effectively

"Embracing Our Selves"

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Course Dates

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