Embracing Our Selves

A Pusher, Pleaser, Romantic, Perfectionist, Critic….We are all made up of many different parts or “selves”.  Some we know very well and others are hidden away in the shadows. How do they inform and influence our lives and what gifts do they all bring us? more >>

The Dance of Selves in Relationship

Which parts of you are involved with which parts of  your partner? Communicating with an awareness of what your different parts want and need brings new depth and richness to relationship and enables you to create "no-fault" partnerships in which you can truly love each other without losing yourselves more >>

Inner Critic: Friend or Foe?

"You should work harder! You should loose weight! Your hair is a mess!" Nothing you do seems good enough for that nagging voice in your head. However, if you can learn to listen to it objectively, your Inner Critic can become an intelligent, perceptive and supportive partner in your life. more >>

Decoding Your Dreams

Dreams give you accurate feedback and impartial guidance about how you are living your life. They show you where you are out of balance and how to get back into balance. Learning how to decode your dreams, you have a treasure trove of information and wisdom relayed to you nightly more >>

Beyond the Selves

In what do the many selves that make up our personality appear? What are they really made of? Is there more to these selves than we assume? more >>

Paradigm Shift

Does the materialist paradigm of the world still serve us? Why have scientists been unable to solve the “hard question of consciousness”? Is it time to embrace a new paradigm that more accurately describes our direct experience of being human? more >>