Tuscany Relationships Retreat

- understanding how your many selves inform and influence your relationships

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This 6-day residential retreat is designed for anyone who wishes to renew and deepen their understanding of relationship in a safe and supportive environment. It will help you clarify the basic patterns of your relationships, communicate your needs, hopes and fears in a more open and honest way, and create new choices for how you live, love and interact with others.

“There is a natural ebb and flow in relationship, a movement between intimacy and distance. Even the most ideal relationships have moments in which intimacy is interrupted and goodwill is in short supply. As we studied the rhythms of relationship and these periods of discomfort, we discovered certain predictable patterns in all of them. We see these patterns as the dance of the selves in relationship, a dance in which the selves, rather than the people, interact.”

- Drs Hal & Sidra Stone, co-creators of Voice Dialogue

The primary method used on this retreat is Voice Dialogue, an experiential and process oriented approach to dealing with relationship issues, based on the following ancient wisdom:  I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand. Using Voice Dialogue as a tool for your "selves" exploration, you will discover:

  • The basic structure of all relationships
  • How to map the patterns that connect you and others
  • How to improve intimacy
  • The power of energetic linkage
  • How to revitalize your sexual connection with your partner
  • How to create “no fault” relationships
  • How to redefine your relationships as a joint venture

CEU's available

We are pleased to offer 26 Continuing Education Units for MFTS, LCSWS, LPCC's and LEP's.*

Who are the retreat leaders?

Alice Morgan MS, MFT
Born and raised in Baltimore, currently residing in Tuscany and California, Alice is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over 23 years of experience in the art of Psychotherapy and Voice Dialogue. She met Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the creators of Voice Dialogue in 1989, initiating the beginning of her long time love affair with this remarkable consciousness process. She is a psychotherapist, teacher, facilitator, and mother of 2 wonderful grown daughters.

Alice brings a wealth of experience, in-depth study, warmth, humor and joy to the on-going process of self exploration, integrating the many wisdom teachings she has explored along the way. She is currently available for sessions in person and via skype.


John Kent BA, L.T.C.L.

Born in London, John has lived and worked as a communication trainer, seminar leader and facilitator in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and USA. He has over 30 years experience in developing and delivering intensive seminars that help participants improve both intra-personal and interpersonal communication. He has worked with corporate, academic, medical and scientific organizations as well as many private clients.

John has studied Voice Dialogue with its creators, Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone in the USA and Europe. From 1991 to 1995 he co-founded the Voice Dialogue Centre of Tucson, Arizona and taught Voice Dialogue in San Francisco. He is now based in London where he conducts Voice Dialogue workshops and private sessions with individuals and couples face to face and via skype.

Endorsement from the co-creators of Voice Dialogue

"John Kent and Alice Morgan are two of our senior teachers and - in this Tuscany Relationship Retreat - they are working with a subject that is very dear to our hearts. We encourage you to take advantage of what promises to be an exciting, productive and most memorable experience."

- Drs Hal & Sidra Stone, Authors of "Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship"

What is the schedule?

Within the following timetable of activities, we will allow ample opportunity for each participant to explore their own personal process.

Day 1: Monday

11.00 Registration

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Introductions: Outcomes, Agenda, Roles, Rules (OARR’s)

Objective: To share expectations, explain the objectives and how they will be met, discuss roles, and co-create any rules to help the day run smoothly - including issues of confidentiality.

Method: Presentation and group discussion.

15.15 coffee

15.45 Visualization

Objective: To gain an initial awareness of selves (sub-personalities), especially those parts of you that may not want to be at the retreat. To honor any resistance to engaging in the program.

Method: Guided visualization and personal sharing.

16.30 Identifying our selves

Objective: To Identify the Primary Selves of your personality, their origins and how they inform and influence your relationships.

Method: Presentation and discussion.

18.00 break 19.30 Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday

09.30 Perceptions and preferences

Objective: To focus on the qualities you bring to your relationships and those aspects of a partner you find it difficult to accept.

Method: Two part written exercise.

11.00 coffee

11.30 Why opposites attract

Objective: To explore why you are attracted to particular people, get involved with and maybe fall in love with them.

Method: Presentation and discussion.

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Judgment and the roots of conflict

Objective: To explore how and why you sometimes experience conflict in your relationships.

Method: Presentation and group discussion.

15.30 coffee

16.00 Dealing with our vulnerabilities

Objective: To understand why you sometimes feel vulnerable and insecure in your relationships and how you can deal constructively with these feelings.

Method: Presentation and discussion.

18.00 break 19.30 Dinner

Day 3: Wednesday

09.30 Recurring patterns in relationship

Objective: To introduce the Bonding Pattern Model. To understand how the selves of one personal interact with the selves of another. To become aware of how positive Bonding Patterns are used to avoid conflict and maintain a feel good factor. To understand the consequences of this for the development of a relationship.

Method: Presentation, small and large group discussion, diagramming and awareness raising exercises.

11.00 coffee

11.30 Handling conflict

Objective: To understand how positive Bonding Patterns can turn negative. To recognize the source, form and fuel of conflicts. To identify and track the dynamics of power and vulnerability in relationships.

Method: Presentation, small and large group discussion, diagramming and awareness raising exercises.

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Voice Dialogue facilitation

Objective: To meet some of the selves that are involved in your relationships, allow them to speak, understand their perspective and the gift that they bring you. To establish a place where you can have more conscious choice in your lives.

Method: Individual facilitation and group discussion.

16.00 coffee

16.30 Voice Dialogue facilitation (cont.)

18.00 break 19.30 Dinner

Day 4: Thursday

09.30 The energetics of relationship

Objective: To sensitize you to the wide range of energies that the different selves carry. To train you how to consciously use energetic resonance when communicating with a partner.

Method: Practical exercises, pair work.

11.00 coffee

11.30 Partnering

Objective: To introduce the concept of “no fault” relationships and healthy partnering.

Method: Presentation and discussion.

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Voice Dialogue couples facilitation

Objective: To meet some the selves that are involved in your positive and negative bonding patterns with a partner, allow them to speak, understand their perspective and what triggers them to react as they do. To establish a place where you can have more conscious communication with your partner.

Method: Couples facilitation and group discussion.

16.00 coffee

16.30 Voice Dialogue couples facilitation (cont.)

18.00 break 19.30 Dinner

Day 5: Friday

09.30 Action Planning

Objective: To create an action plan for using the tools and leanings of the retreat in your personal and professional lives. Where to get ongoing support.

Method: Small group discussion and large group sharing.

11.00 coffee

11.30 Conclusions

13.00 Lunch

Free afternoon or individual session time

19.30 Special dinner with entertainment

Day 6: Saturday

10.00 Sightseeing local attractions

  • Visit to the ancient Roman town of Bagno Vignoni
  • Bathe in the thermal healing waters
  • Visit to the ancient church of St. Antimo Abbey still run by the local monks
  • Wine tasting and dinner at sunset at the San Polino organic winery

Day 7: Sunday

10.00 Closure and farewells
12.00 departure

* Alice Morgan Simmonds, MFT, mfc 38642
Board of Behavioural Sciences in Sacramento, California
Provider number PCE 5331 

Where will it take place?

Le Pianore is not a hotel. It is a unique experience. Situated beneath the breath
-taking Monte Giovi, this stunning destination is nestled in a "golden valley" in Maremma, Tuscany.

A land before time, away from the hustle and bustle of "normal life", this beautiful area of Tuscany offers a chance to enjoy the pleasures of life at a slower pace.

For more information about Le Pianore

What are the benefits?

By the end of the retreat you will be able to:
  • Change old patterns of interaction
  • Resolve disagreements and conflicts quickly
  • Express yourself more freely in intimate relationships
  • Experience relationship as teacher, healer and guide

What are the dates?

Dates to be announced. Workshop includes 4 days intensive training, an organised excursion, plus free time to relax and enjoy the delightful local Tuscan culture.

Who should participate?

This retreat is for anyone who wishes to improve their relationships with partners, family members, friends or colleagues. Individuals and couples welcome.

How many people will attend?

There are a maximum of 12 places available in addition to the 2 retreat leaders.

How much will it cost?


Includes accommodation, all meals, tuition, workshop materials and excursion costs.

Excludes travel to and from the retreat centre.

A non-refundable €500 deposit will guarantee your place.

€2000 balance payable one month before the start of the workshop.

How do I Register?

Register now and receive FREE access to the Voice Dialogue Online E-learning Program. For more information and to register click here and choose Tuscany Relationship Retreat from the drop down menu.


Is the retreat only for couples?
The retreat is for individuals and couples.

Can I participate if I am not currently in a relationship?
Yes, you don't have to be in a relationship to take part.

Is this psychotherapy?
No. This is a course of study that includes personal process work. Voice Dialogue is a method for increasing conscious awareness of yourself and your way of relating to others.

Do I need previous Voice Dialogue experience?
No, we will introduce the basic concepts and practices of Voice Dialogue during the retreat.

Can I get private session time with Alice and John before or after the retreat?
Yes, we are available for private consultations. Please contact us well ahead of time to arrange.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Do I need to speak Italian?
No, the retreat will take place in English. Staff at the Castello di Potentino all speak English.

How do I get to the location?
The nearest airports are Rome, Pisa and Florence. To see the exact location click here.

Do you provide transportation from the airport / train station?
We will arrange transportation from the nearest train station in Grosetto. You will receive details of pick up times after you register.

Are both double and single rooms available?
Yes. Book early to get the room of your choice!

Is food and accommodation included in the price?
Yes. Breakfast is informal and buffet style. Lunch and dinner will be prepared for us by wonderful local chef Antonio DiGiammarco.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
We will be happy to cater to your needs. Please inform us when you make your reservation.

How long will each day be?
We will begin at 09.30 each day except for the first day when registration begins at 11.00. Please see the schedule for details.

Do I need to participate in the excursions and social activities?
No. They are included in the price, but it is up to you which you choose to join.

What's your policy on confidentiality?
We will ask all participants to sign a confidentiality agreement.

What's your cancellation policy?
Up to 30 days before we will refund 50% less the €500 non-refundable deposit and €50 administration fee.

After 30 days before, no refund.

More Information

Register now and receive FREE access to the Voice Dialogue Online E-learning Program. For more information and to register click here and choose Tuscany Relationship Retreat from the drop down menu.