Private Clients

The facilitator’s skill lies in helping the client experience each of their selves fully. In so doing, the client develops the ability to separate from and sit between selves that may have opposing points of view. From this place life choices become more conscious.

The initial dialogue takes place with the part of the client that is responsible for keeping them safe and secure. The facilitator asks for permission to do the work, and for any rules that this self may have for the session. At no time does the facilitator attempt to circumvent or violate these rules. Each session unfolds at the client’s own pace. In a typical session the facilitator may talk to three or four different selves.

It’s important to understand that Voice Dialogue is not a technique for getting rid of any part of us. Rather, it’s a natural and inclusive process that enables us to embrace and respect all the many selves that exist inside us without making any of them wrong. This process naturally leads us to inquire into the origin and essential reality of our selves.

John and Michael conduct private sessions with individuals and couples face to face or via skype. Please contact them for more information or to arrange an appointment.


How it all works

View these two short demonstration videos to see how a Voice Dialogue session works.

Meet Neil’s Minotaur

Meet Maryline’s Snowdrop

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